Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Brienna's Short Story.

Senior trip by brie bernardi

"Mom I just don't understand why I am having such a hard time coming up with the money for this trip!" I cried out of frustration.
"I know sweetheart. You have wanted to go on this trip for the longest time and I'm so proud of you for working so hard! I really wish we could do more…” she trailed off.
“Mom it’s not your fault! You and dad paying for my plane ticket has been plenty. I am so unbelievably grateful.”
“Josilyn, I still so wish we could do more. I want to to remember your senior trip being full of fun memories. It’s your last big thing before college. I don’t want you to worry so much about money.”
“Mom I work everyday this next week and this should put me where I want to be with money. I get my paycheck this coming Friday.”
“Okay, I just worry. What if something goes wrong?”
“Nothing is going to go wrong.” I said. “I’m going to bed, I have a long week ahead of me.”
I went to bed and layed there thinking about the trip. I couldn’t tell if it was was more nervous or excited but I finally fell asleep.

The next morning was such a drag. Waking up wasn’t easy. I really don’t understand how some people wake up like it’s nothing at all. Like really? I finished getting ready for work and left for the diner. It was a long day. The next week went by very slowly. It dragged on and on.
Finally Sunday came and I had earned enough Money. I was leaving on my senior trip with my best friends! We left that Monday morning and my excitement level is through the roof. I got my bag packed and ready. Then I called Sienna. She picked up the phone and the first thing I hear was a scream of excitement. I started to laugh.
“Dude, I cannot wait for this trip! Only 7 hours and 23 minutes left!” Sienna said.
“Same. This trip is going to be epic and I even raided all the money I need. I did it!”
“I am so proud of you Josilyn! You have worked so hard for this. I already know it is going to be so worth it!”
“That’s what I am hoping! Hey, I’m going to get to bed. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow!” I hung up the phone.
The next morning I went to the airport with Sienna and Mollee. We met up with Roman, Ty and Cory. Our group was the loudest one there. All of us talking over each other made us a bit loud but, we didn’t care, we were going on our senior trip! We got onto the plane and took off to California. When we arrived we went to pick up our luggage. At baggage claim one by one everyone’s bags started to come. My friends had received their bags except for me. I was beginning to worry. I knew I shouldn’t because, maybe my bag had gotten mixed in with other peoples’ instead of my friends. Waiting a bit longer still nothing. The last wave of luggage came from our flight. Finally my bag came but it looked weird. My bag was taped up and had plastic wrap on it. The first thing that went through my head was: grab the bag and check it. Is everything here? I ran over grabbed my bag, ripped off all the crap that was on it and opened it. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. I felt as if my whole world was caving in and air wouldn’t come out of me.
Sienna came running over. “Josilyn what’s wrong? Whats going on?” She said worriedly.
“My bag! It’s empty! My clothes are gone. All I have is what I brought with me on my carry on.” I started to tear up.
“Okay, um this isn’t good.” She said, “Take a deep breath; try to calm down.”
Taking a deep breath I tried to focus on my breathing. Why is this happening? What am I going to do? Okay Josilyn, breath. Just breath.
Mollee came walking over and went to talk to Sienna. Then I see Roman, Ty and Cory coming over to see what was going on. “Sienna what’s going on?” Mollee asked.
“Josilyn’s bag is empty; all of her clothes are gone. That’s why is was taped up,” Sienna said.
“Are you serious? Of all the people in our group why her? She has worked so hard just to get here.”
“I know. I’m thinking of something to do.” Mollee and Sienna continued to talk.
Roman walked over and sat next to me. He hugged me and said, “I heard what happened”
“Oh yeah? Well this just great huh?” I said.
“Hey stop. You are the positive one. Be positive! Lets go to the front desk to ask for help. You still have your bag tracking code?”
“Yeah I do.”
“Good! Lets go!” Roman stood up.
I hugged him and said, “You’re the best!”
Roman told everyone we were going to figure things out with my luggage; all of us left from baggage claim.
Our whole group had been friends since the beginning. Mollee, Sienna, Cory, Ty, Roman and I. So I guess this whole trip was meant to happen. I was so happy to be going with them.
I was still in a bit of a panic but I still kept my cool. Sienna and Mollee came up with me to the front desk to see what happened. I gave the lady at the front desk my bag code and she looked it up. I saw her name tag; It said “Nancy.”
“I’m so sorry sweetheart but, your bag had the problem before the plane took off. As it was going through the back after check in your bag zipper broke and your things fell out,” Nancy said.
“Okay. Thank you Nancy for your help. It really means a lot.” I said.
“ The only thing I can do is refund you the money. But you won’t be able to receive it until next week.”
“Next week?”
“I’m sorry hun. I wish I could do more but I can’t.” said Nancy.
I told Nancy thanks; then walked back to the group with Sienna and Mollee.
“What am I going to do?” I asked.
“Josilyn what do you have in your carry on?” Molle asked.
“Well, my beach stuff, money, my phone, my makeup and an extra outfit.”
“Okay lets go out and get you a few things at the store. I think a few t-shirts and shorts would be good.”
“Okay, but lets have the guys go get checked in at the hotel while we go shopping.”
“Good idea. I’ll tell them.” said Sienna.
Crap. I don’t have that much money. The guys left to go get checked in and us girls went to the store.
“Um guys I don’t have that much money…” I trailed off.
“Josilyn don’t worry. We wanted to help you.” Sienna said.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, we are going to Target and we each want to help you buy a few shirts to get through the week.” Mollee told me.
“Are you serious? I can’t let you do that.” I said, “I won’t let you do that.”
“Dead serious. You have no say we are doing this. We know what size of clothes you wear and what you like.”
I hugged both of them. I couldn’t have asked for better friends than them. They are amazing and I am so grateful for them. Both Mollee and Sienna came from fairly wealthy families and I was the one who always struggled with money. It was hard but, they understood and I loved them for it. Them helping me meant the world to me.
When we left target I had gotten 3 t-shirts and a pair of shorts. that was enough for the week of out trip.
Getting back to the hotel I settled in and grabbed everything I needed for the beach.  It was my first time at the beach; I couldn’t wait.
At the beach we played in the water, made sand castles and took lots of cute pictures. by the end of the day we were all worn out. So, going back to the hotel we stopped for good and picked up a movie to watch as we planned the next day. The next day was DISNEYLAND! I had never been to Disneyland either. This whole trip was a bunch of first for me.
We had two days planned for Disneyland. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to make so many new memories. Things were to going so well; I knew tomorrow and the next few days were going to be epic.
Next thing I knew I was asleep. Waking up the next morning was pretty easy. Probably because, I was so excited and so was everyone else. We grabbed everything we needed and left for disneyland.
The first ride we went on was Indiana Jones. It was so much fun! We wandered around a little bit then went to Pirates of the Caribbean. Everybody in my group were all buckled in and ready to go; that’s when they shut down the ride because of some technical problems. So they had us get off the ride.
“Well that’s a bummer. Pirates is one of my favorite rides.”. Ty said.
“Me too!” Cory cimmed in.
“Josilyn you would have really liked that one,” Roman told me.
“Guys it’s okay. There will be other time I can come. Maybe the could get it up and running tomorrow. You never know.” I smiled.
“Okay well lets just of wander around for a bit.” Sienna told us.
“I’m in the mood for some food!” Cory shouted.
“I’m hungry too!” added Ty.
“Alright, lets wander around, get some food and, find the princesses. Josilyn told me she want to meet Jasmine.” Roman said.
I blushed a little. “Yeah, I really want to meet Jasmine. She is my absolute favorite princess!” I said with excitement.  
“Okay, girl lets go this. First food then princesses.” Mollee tole me. We went down and bought some food. Along the way exploring Disneyland we found a few of the other characters. Such as: Jack and sally, Belle, Cinderella, The Mad Hatter and, Ariel. But still no Jasmine. We decided to go over to California adventure. There we saw Frozone and Mrs. Incredible. They were sweet. Next ride we went on was Tower of Terror. That was definitely a favorite of mine. I felt like a little kid. I was so happy and in awe of how much fun everything was.
The day went on; still no sight of Jasmine. Some of us were getting a bit tired. We wanted to find a place we could rest and relax for a bit.
“Hey look!.” Said Roman, “There is  a little play going on and it’s Aladdin. Anyone wanna go? It would be a good place to rest I think.”
“Yeah I’m down! I love Aladdin!” Ty told us.
All of us went to watch the Aladdin play. It was so fun and full of so much ‘Disney Magic’! When the play finished we decided to split for dinner. It was starting to get dark. After dinner Mollee, Sienna and I went on a few more rides. It was about time for Disneyland to close so, we called the boys. They didn’t answer. At that point we were getting a little nervous.  Then comes on an announcement. “ Okay Everyone thank you for coming to Disneyland! It is time for the park to come to a close. We will be closing in 15 minutes.”
“Um we need to find the guys and fast.” I said.
“I’ll try calling them again.” Sienna told me.
“Dude, do you know what would be so cool?” Asked Mollee.
“Finding the guys? Yeah I know.” I snapped.
“No Josilyn if we got stuck in Disneyland overnight.”
“Oh! That would be kinda cool but, that would be so bad.”
“True. I’m gonna try the guys again. They said they would stay in Disneyland and tell us if they left.”
“Okay. well lets keep looking while you call.”
Lights were starting to go out on rides and people were walking towards the entrance. I was starting to get a little more nervous. The park started to become more and more empty. Still no guys; they still weren’t answering. Finally I got a phone call from Ty. “Hey! Um where are you guys? The park closes in 5 minutes!” I shouted into the phone.
“Hey calm down, I know but, we need you to come over by the Winnie the Pooh ride.”
“Um why? The park is going to close.”
“Just come over and hurry. Then we’ll leave.”
I sighed, “Fiinnne.” I hung up the phone. “Well we need to go over to the Winnie the Pooh ride.” I told Mollee and Sienna. “I have no idea but that’s what Ty told me to do. We need to hurry though.”
“Alright lets go.” replied Sienna.
We ran as fast as we could to get over to the guys.
“Hey, so what’s going on?” I asked.
“In 5-4-3-2-1..” Cory smiled.
“Cory, Ty, Roman? What’s going on?” Sienna asked sternly.
“The park is officially closed!” Cory shouted.
“Dude! Not so loud!” said Roman.
“Sorry. Ha.”
I stared at them blankly. “What do you mean the park is closed?” I asked.
“It’s closed. We are stuck inside.” Roman told me.
“ Wait what?” I stammered. “We could get in so much trouble for this!”
Mollee started to freak out. “Wait we can’t be stuck. when I said it would be cool I didn’t mean for it to actually happen!”
“Sienna will you please calm her down?” I asked.
“Yeah I will.” replied Sienna.
I turned back to the guys. “so we’re stuck? Correct?”
“Yes Josilyn, we are.” said Ty.
“Holy crap! We are going to get caught. We are going to be  in so much trouble.”
“Hey. I wouldn’t worry Josilyn we’ve had this planned for months.”
“What do you mean?” I asked Ty.
“Well, we were joking around one day about the what if’s and decided to do this. Don’t worry we did some research.”
“So you have it figured out how not to get caught?”
“Exactly.” said Cory.
“Well do you have supplies like: food, flashlights and, jackets?”
“Yep.” said Roman.
“Got it.” Ty smiled.
“Check.”Cory said. They all high-fived. Cory threw a jacket to each of us.
“Alright, lets do this. Let’s hear the plan.” I said.
“Wait, Josilyn this isn’t like you.” said Sienna.
“I know but lets just embrace it. I don’t want to stress over it. I’ve already done enough of that.”
“True. Okay I’m in. Tell me this plan of yours.”
Roman, Ty, and Cory began to lay out the plan to us. They started by telling us the best ways to avoid guards, the best places to be at certain times in the night, and what rides they wanted to explore first.
We started by exploring the Winnie the Pooh ride. Next, we went over to Indiana Jones and Pirates. Those rides were really cool. As the night went on we had so many laughs and so many new memories too. The night kept getting better and better. as the night went on. We explored more rides such as: Tinker Bell, The Haunted Mansion, and Tea Cups. There were a few times we almost got caught but somehow we were able to stay out of sight. Which I found very astonishing. At this point in time is was about five in the morning. we decide to go over to ToonTown. Getting Through the gate to go in was hard but we finally made it through. I stopped in my tracks as we were walking into Toon Town. I smiled and said, “I love you 3 idiots.” I hugged them and I knew at that moment there was no other place I wanted to be.

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